Custom made parts or adapters

Thanks to our in-house workshop, we can create almost every component, adapter, etc. exactly according to your needs. Various universities, institutes and companies order complete sets of test equipment or fully fledged instruments here. Our workshop features a whole range of measuring equipment and a number of test beds. A CNC milling machine allows us to machine solid materials in a variety of ways. Complex geometries and drill patterns can be realized to very high quality standards.

Production or modification of adapters:
Special adapters can be made exactly as you need them. It is also possible to modify or improve existing adapters. Please send me a small drawing or sketch with the necessary dimensions and a brief description of the desired function. (Full technical drawing is usually not required!)

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT try to plan adapters on the phone! From years of experience this causes usually much of trouble as something will go wrong. A drawing is the "language" of the engineer!

Such a small sketch might look like this, for example:

(Adapter from 1,25" to M42x1 thread)

Materials & surface treatment:
Your parts will be fabricated from aluminum, anodized and dyed with black color. Anodized parts will look perfect even after years of use!  Parts can also be made ​​of brass, steel, stainless steel or plastic materials – depending on your choice. Other surface treatments are also possible upon request.


Delivery time:
Delivery time depends on the current order situation. If the adapter has to be anodized, it typically lasts three to four weeks longer. (That's because the anodizing process requires that a whole bunch of parts be anodized simultaneously.)

Please send me your request as an email or fax or call me.

Custom made parts