Aurora Flatfield panels with 75cm diameter available nowRead More
The family of Clip filters is growing: Clip-Filters for Pentax K1 and K1 MkIIRead More
Our Xmas present for you: The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2019 is ready.Read More
NEW: A Bathinov Mask for Cokin-P holdersRead More
Why we are shipping filters in protective rings.Read More
A short description of a modification of a Sony Alpha 7 body and first impressions with Astronomik Clip-Filters installed.Read More
A nice comparision of an Astronomik UHC with a UHC from a chinese factory.Read More
Major news for the NEAF 2018...Read More
The Astronomik calendar of the Lunar phases in 2018 is ready.Read More

The new Clip-Filter for Sony Alpha 7 are finaly ready!

Read More

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