Accessories for Astro-photography with Canon cameras

To make your Astrophotography with your (astro modified) Canon Camera really useful, you need a few other accessories besides the camera and your telescope (or lens)!


You do wanna press the relese button of your camera the half night, don´t you? Clammy fingers and images blurred images are guaranteed. To avoid this, all Canon DSLRs have a socket to plug it external trigger.
(This is a 2.5 mm stereo jack for the smaller cameras, and a proprietary connector on in the larger models (40D, 50, 60D ...) )
The simplest and cheapest solution is building one by yourself: Connector, cable and a switch in a small box.
Comfortable and ready to use are the remote triggers from Canon. These are available in a very basic version and as a very nice programmable version so that you can set the time to first shot, the exposure time, the delay between two exposures (automatic dark subtraction of the camera!) and the number of shots.

Power supply:

Digital cameras need energy! And unfortunately, batteries do at low temperatures significantly earlier flabby. The battery won´t have enough power for a whole night, and I´d recommend purchasing of 2...3 additional batteries. If your observation place has AC power available, I recommend replacing the battery a "network coupler". -You wno´t have to care about the battery anymore!


To protect your camera and lenses from dust, you will find suitable covers for both sides. If you have a DIY project, you will also love the covers, as the original Canon bajonets are very expensive.


For Guiding your mount, I recommend you the MGEN autoguider. In my opinion it is the best stand-alone autoguider on the world market! (The MGEN can also controll your camera!) More about the MGEN.

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