We offer a great variety of packaging solutions for safe handling and secure storage of your equipment – ranging from small plastic boxes for filters to big aluminum boxes for transporting your mount while travelling. You may choose from the following categories:


TwistPacks are the ideal storage solution for all your valuable eyepieces, barlows etc. Once stored in a TwistPack, your parts are protected against shocks, dirt and moisture. And you're always able to see what's inside a TwistPack!

Storage Boxes

These storage boxes are identical to the boxes we use for packaging our Astronomik filters. Due to popular demand, the boxes are on sale seperately.

Aluminium transport and storage boxes

ALUTEC boxes are open for everything: Elegant and sturdy, light and easy to carry, in various sizes – a storage for all your needs!

Pyramid foam

Pyramid foam  is excellent for padding photo cases, our ALUTEC Aluminium boxes and all other kinds of cases or boxes. Aluboxen

Pyramid foam

SchutzplanenIf you leave your mount or your telescope outside a good protective cover is essential! Using a simple garbage bag is not a good idea.




Packings Overview