Material for bearings: PTFE/Teflon and EbonyStar

Ebony Kreisring

You wanna move your telescope gentle and sensitive? This is possible with bearings made from EbonyStar and PTFE/Teflon. Your Dob is the stiff and jerky? Equip it with bearings made of PTFE/Teflon and Ebony, and you improve your scope for considerably few money!

"Ebony Star" - often cited and repeatedly recommended, but nearly not to get in Germany and Europe. Paired with Teflon (or Teflon-fabric slide which I'm also offering) allows the construction of very good bearings for your Dobson: This pair of materials has nearly no difference between the friction coefficients for sliding and sticking: Your telescope can be moved without jerking from rest. Due to this you will find very frequent references to this optimal combination of materials in the current literature about Amateur Telescope Makeing.

Here you will find a PDF document with instructions for sizing the storage and processing of Ebony and PTFE (currently only in german)

The customers say:

  • Stathis Kafalis on Ebony Star:
    "I've played around in the past with about 534 different materials knowledge. The coarser the structure and the harder, the lower the friction, the less" sticking "(that is, the lower the difference between static- and sliding friction) and so WOW! The "Formica" encountered on Germany's kitchen countertops seems to me pretty much the same basic material like Ebony Star, but is finer structured and that is the crucial difference. Formica is in my opinion quite suitable for Telescopes up to 10 inches. For the larger ones it is still quite acceptable, but the original Ebony Star is simply WOW!"

  • Matthias Becker writes: Teflon
    "... By the way, your aluminum elevation-wheels with ebony and Teflon fabric foil are sensational! Absolutely smooth and very nice to move!"


Ebony Kreisringe

I do offer Ebony Star in the form of long strips (for the altitude bearings) or as circular rings / square plates for the rockerbox.

FE / Teflon is available in three different thicknesses with the dimensions 10cm x 20cm. This area is usually sufficient even for large instruments!

Teflon and Teflon fabric foil in custom-cut sizes:

  • Larger quantities or blanks with special dimensions, can also be obtained in free cuttings up to 1m wide.
  • Please send me an email with your request, I can send you an offer.
  • Small samples of Ebony and PTFE/Teflon are available upon request.

Material for bearings: PTFE/Teflon and EbonyStar

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