Adapters are a quite unhappy topic in astronomy as there are only very few worldwide "standards" established. Most telescopes offer push-fit connections for eyepieces of 2" (50.8,,) or 1,25" (31,8m) diameter. But as soon as you switch to any kind of thread you will enter an world of amazing variety: Every Manufacturer produces what he likes. Due to this most (amateur-) astronomers gather the huge collection of adapters of the time. This situation is often blamed -But you will have to live with it.

Most of the adapters shown on the following pages are from my own construction and german production. If not otherwise mentioned they´re made of black anodized aluminium to very high quality standards. Screws are usually made of stainlesse steel. Fixing-screws do have a knurled plastic head. Usually metric threads are used, exceptions are mentioned in the technical details.

With this line of adapters about 95% of my customer needs can be satisfied. If you´re unable to find the right adapter (or combination of adapters) for your application, please do not hesitate to send us an eMail with your request. We will be happy to help you!

All standard-adapters can be modified (for example to reach a required backfocus) within a short time with minimal additional cost. We do have our own fully equiped machine shop here. If you need anything very special we can also do a full custom-sized adapter according to our specs. A quick sketch makes the discussion easier, but there is no need for a full technical drawing.

Explaining thread-specifications:

Each thread is defined by it´s diameter, the pitch and the "orientation". The orientation is the source of lot´s of confusion. Some people use the terms inside- or outside thread which is not very clear. (Is a "inside thread" the inner part of two threads, were the thread itself is looking outside, or the outer part of the two, were the thread is looking inside???) We do use the terms bolt- or male thread for the inner part and nut- or female Thread for the outer part. (Quite easy, isn´t it?) In the technical details the threads are abbreviated with (M) for male threads and (F) for female threads. When there are no product details available in english the abbreviation (B) is standing for male threads (german: Bolzen -> Bolt) and (M) for female threads (german: Mutter -> Nut)


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