The Elephant Heavy Duty Tripod

Elefant-Stativ im Einsatz

You're looking for a tripod that is able to carry REALLY high loads?

Our ELEPHANT tripod carries uncomplainingly more than 300kg of load. The tripod itself weighs only 9.5kg and is assembled in no time. The ELEPHANT is optimised to carry large instruments for astrophotography and visual observation: Due to the low height of 65cm, the position of the centre of gravity is very low and the windage minimised.

The Elephant is made of three legs and one central pier. The legs are double T-beams with constant stiffness. They are made of a special vibration absorbing alumnium alloy and offer maximum stiffness and very few vibrations at the same time. The legs are connected with the central tube by three large nuts and connecting surfaces. The upper end of the central pier is designed to be able to mount any kind of flange very easy (see details below.)

With its three leveling screws with large handles the ELEPHANT can be levelled on uneven ground. With its durable powder coating and the use of high-strength bolts made of stainless steel the ELEPHANT will give you plenty of joy, even after many years of tough use!

If you do not want to be annoyed by trailed or wobbling stars on your images, the ELEPHANT is the right choice for you!

Most of the tripods sold until today went to industrial customers to make ultra-high-precision position measurements with a "mobile" setup. Their statement: "There is no other tripod on the world market offering such an incredible stiffness and such a low weight at the same time. And it's so easy to set up. – We can't do it better by ourself, so we get your's." (It's nice to hear such a comment about a product…)

The mounting flange

The mounting flange is constructed to avoid any reduction of the tripods huge stiffness and to offer a maximum of flexibiltiy at the same time. It's not designed for a special mount. Flanges for your type of mount or equipment can usually made within a short time and shipped together with the tripod.

Technical data of the mounting flange
Cylindrical section with 82mm Durchmesser (+0/-0,2) and a depth of 30mm (+0/-0.2)
Three radial M10 threads + bolts (stainless steel) at 120°. The bolts are 15mm from the top surface of the tube. The bolts should press into a circular groove with 14mm distance from the flange to press the flange onto the pier.
A technical drawing in PDF format is available on request.

Technical data of the Elephant tripod

  •         Height: 65cm
  •         Weight: 9,5kg
  •         Nominal load capacity: 350kg
  •         Special aluminium alloy absorbing vibration
  •         Durable Power Coating (light grey)
  •         High-strength bolts made of stainless steel
  •         Universal flange, suitable for nearly all mounts
  •         Three levelling screws, adjustable without tools
  •         Shipped with printed instructions and keyring for fast setup

Elephant Tripod

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