Art.-ID.: 10200309

excl. VAT (Non-EU): €5,192.44 incl. VAT (EU): €6,179.00


Resolution:	2184 (H) x 1472 (V) pixels
Pixel size:	6.8 µm (H) x 6.8 µm (V)
Imaging area:	14.9 mm (H) x 10 mm (V)
Full well capacity:	~55,000 e-
Output node capacity:	~110,000 e-
Dark current:	0.8 e-/s/pixel at 0 °C
Dark signal doubling:	6 °C

ADC resolution:	16 bits
Sampling method:	Correlated double sampling
Read modes:	Standard (STD)
	Low-noise (LN)
Horizontal binning:	1 to 4 pixels
Vertical binning:	1 to 4 pixels
Sub-frame readout:	Arbitrary sub-frame

Gain:	1 e-/ADU (1 x 1 binning)
	1.4 e-/ADU (other binnings)
System read noise:	8 e- RMS (LN read)
	10 e- RMS (standard read)
Full frame download:	11.4 s (LN read)
	8.4 s (standard read)
CCD chip cooling:	Thermoelectric (Peltier modules)
TEC modules:	Two stages
Max. delta T:	50 °C below ambient maximum
	45 °C below ambient typical
Regulation precision:	0.1 °C
Hot side cooling:	Air cooling (50 mm fan)

Camera head supply:	12 V DC
Camera power consumption:	15 W without cooling
	40 W with 100% cooling
Adapter input voltage:	100-240 V AC/50-60 Hz
Adapter output voltage:	12 V DC/5 A
Adapter maximum power:	60 W

Internal mechanical shutter: blade shutter
Shortest exposure time:	85 ms
Longest exposure time:	Limited by chip saturation only
Internal filter wheel: 	5 positions for 1.25" threaded filter cells
						6 positions for 1" bolt-secured filters
Head dimensions:	114 mm x 114 mm x 77 mm
Back focal distance:	29 mm
Camera head weight:	1.1 kg