TwistPacks are the ideal storage solution for all your valuable eyepieces, barlows etc. Stored in a TwistPack, your parts are protected against shocks, dirt and moisture. And you're always able to see what's inside a TwistPack! Each TwistPack comes with two layers of foamed plastic inside.


  • The smallest TwistPack (40mm in diameter) is ideal for typical 1,25" eyepieces. A longer version (80–130mm long) may be used for slightly longer eyepieces.
  • The middle-sized TwistPack is 50mm in diameter and 80–130mm long. It's nice for storing adapters. There is also a longer version (130–200mm long; suitable for 1,25" Barlow lenses).
  • The 65mm TwistPack is great for all kind of stuff with T-threads (80–130mm long). There is also a longer version (130–200mm long).
  • The largest TwistPack is 80mm in diameter and is well suited for large 2" eyepieces or photo lenses.

Twist Packs

  1. Drehpack 40x80 (-130)

    Drehpack 40x80 (-130)

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €1.85 incl. VAT (EU): €2.20
  2. Drehpack 50x80 (-130)

    Drehpack 50x80 (-130)

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €1.60 incl. VAT (EU): €1.90
  3. Drehpack 50x120(-200)

    Drehpack 50x120(-200)

    excl. VAT (Non-EU): €1.60 incl. VAT (EU): €1.90

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