More information about cost for shipping and handling

Unfortunately it´s not possible to list the actual cost for shipping and handling. The prices shown here are the "worst case" and most expensive option.
That´s quite easy: Usually we ship all orders as a insured parcel with the "Deutsche Post". -These are the prices shown. But lot´s of items can be shipped as a (padded) registred letter, and the cost for this is much lower.

An Example:
The avarage parcel to the US costs EUR 40,-. But a registred letter is only EUR 17,-

Both options are insured and have a tracking id and can be tracked via the website of the "Deutsche Post".
We will decide how to send your order after reading the list of items you´ve ordered. We will allways take the cheapest way.

If you´re upset because of the high cost for s&h shown here, please submit your order and wait for the order confirmation which you will receive as a PDF file. -The actual cost will be listed there.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an eMail.